Upgrade your Conference Experience with Community


Join the SEEchange Slack Channel or connect with our attendees via our SEEchange Linkedin Group.

Our Slack channel opens up March 15. The Linkedin Group is ready for your enhanced collaboration.
Before the conference:
• post the questions you want answered during the conference
• connect with the speakers, sponsors and attendees


During the conference:
• engage with the experts via direct communication
• submit your questions for the sessions that you are interested in, live
• connect with your fellow attendees for UBER and LYFT ride-sharing to the event

After the conference:
• Get exclusive access to a year’s worth of business articles and insights via the quarterly The Business Magazine for Women issues.
• Get access to the video sessions, keynote speaker presentations, podcasts, HOW TOs, and other ready-to-implement tools as they are sent out via our monthly newsletter.