Be inspired and challenged to raise the bar at your own workplace through practical lessons from leaders who know what it takes to create, build, and sustain a great place to work for all. Whether you are just beginning to cultivate your high-trust culture or looking for further inspiration to innovate and elevate your Best Workplace.Having a more diverse workforce will help mediate for all the disruptions in the current and future economy. Having a diverse workforce leads to innovation, thought leadership, flexibility and adaptability, and ultimately leadership in your industry. Attend The SEEchange Conference because you want to take part in the growing movement that is better for business, better for people, better for our world.

Equality, diversity and inclusivity will spark innovation, and create solutions for all of the disruptive forces, including automation, globalization, climate change. This societal change will generate an additional $12 Trillion US Dollars for our GDP. Our conference is focused on delivering that message and showing how we can get there as a society.

SEE the change. BE the change. LEAD the change.


Together with our partners, we want to change the world for the better. This is a long-term approach, and we are interested to engage in partnerships with entities with whom we can find commonality in goals and mission. We are building long-term relationships that will allow us to make lasting impact. The SEEchange Conference is but the first step towards creating lasting change. Join us at the beginning of the journey and let’s build the new economic reality together.


The SEEchange Conference is brought to you by the creators of The Business Magazine for Women, the Wonder Women Podcast, and The Seachange.